Looking at the Parts of an Iaito

Looking at the Parts of an Iaito

We are going to get to know one of the most famous weapons of martial arts in depth. We begin by commenting on the parts of the Iaito and what it needs to be complete.

Let’s look at the parts of an Iaito one by one:

  • Mune: the back

  • Monouchi: the first few inches, the ones that cut

  • Ha: the edge

  • Shinogi: the line of defence bridge between two sides

  • Sinogi-ji: the surface of the blade

  • Kissaki: the tip of the sword (aka Kensaki)

  • Yokote: the corner between the ji and the Kissaki

  • Ji: the surface between the Hamon and the Shinogi

  • Hamon: the pattern on the edge

  • Boshi: the Hamon of the Kissaki

  • Nakago: the blade that enters in the Tuska

  • Nakagojiri: the end area of the Nakago

  • Sori: the curvature of the blade

  • Nagasa: the length of the blade from the Kissaki to the Munemachi

  • Kasane: the thickness

  • Hi: the slit on both sides of the blade

  • Machi: the notches in the Ha and Mune

  • Mekugiana: the hole for the Mekugi

The Tsuka and its embellishments

Now let’s look at the parts of the Tsuka and its embellishments:

  • Tsuka: the handle

  • Tsuba: the handguard

  • Kashira: the base of the handle that fixes the Tsuka Ito

  • Habaki: the collar that secures the Tsuba to the Tsuka

  • Fuchi: a collar under the Tsuba to pass the Tsuka

  • Seppa: copper washer to dampen shock vibration

  • Menuki: metal embellishments on the Tsuka

  • Mekugi: fastening peg of the Tsuka to the Nakago

  • Tsuka-ito: cotton tape or soft material around the Tsuka

  • Samé: leather made from stingray to wrap the Tsuka

The Saya

To store the Iaito, what do we have in the Saya?

  • Koiguchi: mouth of the Saya

  • Kurigata: the Sageo is tied here

  • Shitodome: metal inside the Kurigata

  • Sageo: woven rope to tie the Saya

  • Saya: sword scabbard

  • Koiiri: tip of the Saya

Now you know the ins and outs of an Iaito you can familiarise yourself with our site where you will find a wide range of options if you are interested in buying a Samurai sword.

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