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Do you practise Martial Arts and do you need a quality equipment for your dojo? 

Are you a Collector in search of a unique product for your collection? 

Or are you a keen enthusiast of Japanese culture looking to buy a sword made in the traditionalmethod or a solid object of great beauty which will last in time?


Then this is your website: you are a KATANAMART!!




Katanamart is you!!! Katanamart has developed over the years thanks to the suggestions of customers and experienced enthusiasts, a process which consists of hours and days together trying to analyse how to improve products that have now achieved excellence in functionality and elegance.


Our team is strong and will continue growing with the help of everyone; this is the reality, this is our strength.

Thanks to all of you.




We were a group of youngsters weary of the typical martial arts shops taking us for a ride or of fly-by- night craftspeople whose knowledge of the product was quite limited.

We asked ourselves: Why buy a product from someone who has less experience than us? Why spend money without some kind of advice or guidance?

The answer was always the same: "let's start to design and manufacture products, let's control them until they are perfect and make them accessible to all who practice and love Japanese culture".

With this conviction Katanamart was set up in 2010 (with the help of the trademark Yarinohanzo) as a community of experts in Martial Arts and Japanese culture, created to bring together, construct and select ideas and products. 




From the start we endeavoured and collaborated with young, new, high-profile personalities involved in the field of martial arts, of differing nationalities and ideas, capable of enriching the know-how and depth of the project.

An innovative and structured design, stemming from our passion and aimed at creating a business concept where the centre is not only the business but also the people and their passion; meetings, conferences and seminars focused at understanding the real needs and tastes of the public.

This enormous quantity of information made it possible to create the first prototypes of bokken, swords, yari, uniforms and much more; all with the slogan at the bottom "no one should ever feel dissatisfied with us or our material".



In 2012 we moved from the theory to practice: the commercial project began with the creation and launching of, backed by

We developed and grew by including various technical experts for each area in Europe, professionals capable of supporting us in the various countries, thus allowing the community to evolve.

After the success of "Katanamart Spain" in 2013, there emerged Katanamart Germany, Katanamart United Kingdom, Katanamart France and Katanamart Italy (with the support of the trademark Yarinohanzo) which in a short time have gained the appreciation of practitioners and collectors.



Katanamart is now a great structure comprising totally independent modules: in each country there is a technical expert and an experienced commercial representative capable of responding every day, within 12 hours, to customers' needs.

At the present time Katanamart has 5 Web Stores distributed according to countries and languages, consequently making it possible to satisfy the needs of many customers and enthusiasts throughout the world.

Thanks to our Customer Service and our widespread presence throughout the country, our company can offer an excellent service to more than 70,000 registered customers, 130,000 daily followers who check out our activity in social networks and 50,000 unique daily users (online details updated in October 2021).




Katanamart continues to develop year after year, linking online Customer Service, personal Customer Service to meeting points and points of sale in the main European countries where it is possible to meet and talk together.

The recent unification of the logistics in our warehouse in Slovenia allows a centralisation of our forces in order to offer a better service in all corners of Europe.

This will allow the consolidation of a sales network of the best Japanese martial arts products on the market that will reach all the main countries in the European area (opening soon UK, Germany, France).

In addition to offering a better experience to our customers, we will soon have a wonderful surprise!

Our aim is to be able to offer all kinds of personalization in all the items we manufacture, including reproductions of Japanese swords, in the least time possible.

Personalizations and modifications made by European craftspeople or by highly qualified personnel with more than ten years experience.

Last among our 2017 projects, the jewel in the crown, is the web site for customizations. Take one step and have fun in the world of Katanamart!!!

 See you soon




We would like to thank the whole Giglioweb team for their support in designing and maintaining the web page and their online marketing strategies.



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