Carrying a katana is more than just carrying a simple sword, as this weapon has surpassed the mere fact of being a white weapon of attack and defense throughout its many centuries of history.

The katana, given its tumultuous history, has become more of a symbol, something that, although it was once a samurai weapon, today goes beyond that meaning.

Discover what carrying a Katana implies:

As a powerful and historic white weapon, we are dealing with a curved blade sword that has a millennial tradition. That is, when you carry it, you are carrying something more than a saber, it is like a piece of human history.

Ancient katanas were designed and manufactured by artisans, also known as Kajis, who prepared a specific elaboration and forge for each samurai.

In the past, it was thought that these katanas carried the soul of the aforementioned samurai inside them, so both became one, two indivisible parts of a single being.

The samurai and the katana

A samurai is also more than a soldier or a fighter, it is a mythical warrior, an example and a symbol of honor, loyalty, and strength. That is why, given their relevant role in Japanese tradition, it is necessary to understand the importance of the most used weapon by these almost mythical real characters, as their weapons were also a vital part of their essence.

These Japanese swords of just over a meter of curved length are symbols of authority, strength, admiration, and valor. Therefore, wielding a katana is a wonderful experience provoking incredible sensations that you should not miss if you are interested in everything related to the oriental world, martial arts, and all the precious values that they imply.

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