How to care for your Katana or Samurai Sword

How to care for your Katana or Samurai Sword

Do you know how to actually care for your Katana? Buying a Samurai sword is a fantastic idea, but it is also essential to understand that it will require a certain level of knowledge to maintain its beauty. That’s why we are sharing these useful tips for protecting your Japanese sabre.

How to clean a Katana

First, let’s take a step-by-step look at how to clean a samurai sword:

  1. Using a paper towel or cloth, wipe off the dust or superficial substances

  2. Now, oil the blade. Do this by applying a little oil on the cloth so that a thin protective film remains.

  3. Take care to not let the oil come into contact with the wooden and other material parts of the sword such as the handle and the scabbard. If you have an accident, you can use specific products, such as lemon oil, special waxes, lacquers and varnishes to remove it. The product you use will depend on the type of Japanese sword you have.

  4. Polish the blade with the right specialised metal sword polish depending on what material it is specifically made of.

  5. Wax the leather to perfect the whole piece.

Tips for Cleaning your Samurai Sword

When caring for your samurai sword, remember that storing it in leather scabbards promotes corrosion.

All metal parts of the sword must be covered with a film of protective oil. Therefore, use quality products and oil the blade and other elements every six months (at most).

Use a soft cloth to remove dust. Those used to clean the barrel of a firearm are excellent.

Take special care of your Japanese sword if you live in areas with high humidity, since this environment encourages deterioration.

Last but not least, remember to handle the Katana with care. If you cut yourself, you will not only damage yourself but also the blade, due to the iron in your blood which will cause oxidation. We recommend using gloves when handling your blade.

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