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Practical Iaito Swords 

A line dedicated exclusively to the practice of Iaido, Kendo, Kenjutsu and similar styles.

All the blades are well balanced with wire brushed Hamon. All the Tsuba, Fuchi and Kashira are made of iron and are decorated in a way that keeps the surface smooth so the hands won't hurt during the practice.

Saya are made of durable hardwood and the lacquer is made with a lot of care. Tsuka Ito is wrapped strongly on real ray skin and it doesn't move while handling the sword.

Blades enter in the Saya with no slack at all and the Habaki fits perfectly the Koiguchi. A Iaito sword, that will follow you in the practice for a long time.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items


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