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The idea behind this sword comes from the cultural aspects of sobriety and elegance of Japan during the Tokugawa shogunate, without however neglecting the aesthetics and needs of budō.

The T-10 blade has a powerful mihaba with ō-kissaki with hamon gunome, made according to the traditional method.

The habaki is decorated with a sayagata weave, a lucky charm motif traditionally used during the Edo period, under the Tokugawa shogunate, to decorate the accessories, clothing and swords of bushi nobles.
The kodogu, tsuba, fuchi and kashira are all made in Japan and feature elegant and subtle ajirogata workmanship, making this sword model unique.

The tsuka, with hinerimaki in Japanese black silk ito with hishigami, is decorated with menuki, also made in Japan, which represent the mon, the heraldic emblem, Tokugawa: the triple “aoi” which represents descent from the deity- crow Yatagarasu.

The koshirae is characterized by the elegance of its simplicity and austerity, which accentuates the beauty of the blade and decorative details.

The sword conveys a sense of might and sobriety, distinctive aspects of the Edo period under the Tokugawa shogunate.

  • High-quality Handmade katana, suitable for iaido, kendo and kenjutsu practice, perfect for decorations.
  • Maru Kitae Blade with bohi, made of T-10 steel, clay tempered and real Hamon, Midare style. 
  • Black Japanese silk Tsukaito, hineri maki style
  • Mokkogata tsuba, “kago” subject.
  • Menuki made in Japan with Tokugawa family's coat of arms.
  • Alternate Tsukamaki in order to get a long lasting wave even with an intense daily practice
  • High-quality black lacquered wooden Saya, Kuroro.
  • Koiguchi, Kojiri and Kurikata with authentic buffalo horn.
  • Perfectly balanced, suitable for amateurs and experts.

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Data sheet
Nagasa :74 Cm. - 76 Cm. with Habaki
Hamon :""MIDARE" -Real Hamon
Sori :2,0 cm
Tsuka :Tsuka - 26,5 cm
Tsuka Ito :Black/Red silk MADE IN JAPAN - Hineri Maki WITH HISHIGAMI
Same :Real ray skin- High Quality
Tsuba :Mokkogata
Bohi :Single
Saya :High quality Black lacquered wood - Kuroro
Sageo :Black Kakucho 220 cm
Mekugi :1 in bamboo
Weight :1.020 Gr. without Saya - 1.230 Gr with Saya
Koiguchi :Real buffalo horn
Kurigata :Real buffalo horn
Kojiri :Real buffalo horn
Steel :T-10 steel - Clay tempered 60/45 HRC

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