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This katana is sharp and suitable for Battodo and Tameshigiri/ PERFECT FOR CUTTING TATAMI OMOTE

It’s suitable for cutting tatami (wet straw) and paper, NOT for harder targets like Bamboo

For harder targets we suggest any Superior Katana Sword


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Delivery JULY 2024

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Why buy this Katana?

  • Big size katana sword typical of Shinden Fudo Ryu school, suitable for Iaido, Battodo, Kendo, Kenjutsu and Ninjutsu practice
  • Maru kitae blade with double bohi, made of 1060 high carbon steel
  • Fit for medium hardness targets, full tang and fully functional
  • Black leather tsukagawa, traditional mokko type tsuba and silver finishes
  • Alternate Tsukamaki and Hishigami in order to get a long lasting wave even with an intense daily practice
  • Traditional tsuka with hishigami that guarantee a better grip and a longer lasting Tsukamaki
  • Black lacquered wooden saya and black kakucho type sageo
  • Perfectly blanced. Suitable for amateurs and experts
  • Authentic handmade production. All its parts can be disassembled and reassembled like a real Katana
  • This katana is supplied in a cotton bag

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Data sheet
Nagasa :77 cm – 80 cm with Habaki
Hamon :"Suguha" - wire brushed - Real Hamon
Sori :2 cm
Tsuka :29 cm with Hishigami
Tsuka Ito :Black leather
Same :Real ray skin - black
Tsuba :Mokkogata
Bohi :Doble
Saya :83 cm black laquered wood – Kuroro Ishime
Sageo :Kakucho Sageo Black 220 cm
Mekugi :Nr. 2 in bamboo
Weight :1.550 Gr. with Saya – 1.240 Gr. without Saya
Habaki :crafted bronze
Koiguchi :Real buffalo horn
Kurigata :Real buffalo horn
Kojiri :Real buffalo horn
Steel :1060 high carbon steel - CLAY TEMPERED
Motohaba36 mm
Sakihaba23 mm

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