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This sharp Katana is suitable for Battodo and Tameshigiri                                       

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Why buy this Katana?

  • High quality shinobigatana typical of togakure school
  • Traditional Higo Koshirae with rounded Kashira and elegant Mokko Tsuba
  • Maru kitae blade without bohi, made of 1095 high carbon steel, full tang and fully functional
  • Differentially hardened and clay tempered blade, authentic hamon gunome Choji style and O-kissaki of 14 cm
  • Black silk tsukaito on real black ray-leather
  • Traditional tsuka with hishigami that guarantee a better grip and a longer lasting Tsukamaki
  • Black lacquered high quality wooden saya (Kuroro-Kuroro Ishime) strengthen with real buffalo horn
  • Supplied without sageo
  • Perfect for experts and collectors
  • Authentic handmade production. All its parts can be disassembled and reassembled like a real Katana
  • Supplied in an elegant cotton bag with the Yarinohanzo logo on it

This product has passed the quality control by YariNoHanzo

Here's the TEST video made by Thomas Ari in Germany:

Data sheet
Nagasa : 57 cm - 59 cm with Habaki - 14 cm Ô Kissaki
Hamon : Gunome Chôji Style- Real hamon
Sori : 1,70 cm
Tsuka : 28 cm
Tsuka Ito : Black silk
Same : Real ray skin - black
Tsuba : Mokkogata
Bohi : -
Saya : 73 cm black laquered wood – Kuroro Ishime
Mekugi : Nr. 2 in bamboo
Weight : 1.310 Gr. with Saya – 1.100 Gr. without Saya
Koiguchi : Real buffalo horn
Kurigata : Real buffalo horn
Kojiri : Real buffalo horn
Steel : 1095 high carbon steel - Clay tempered
Motohaba 36 mm
Sakihaba 28 mm

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