Is it difficult to learn judo?

Is it difficult to learn judo?

Is it difficult to learn judo?

Many people think that learning judo is difficult. But what part of this is real and what part is a personal perception? Below, we would like to explain the reasons for these questions and affirmations.

Is it really difficult to learn judo?

There is a broad consensus on a common comment: judo is the hardest of the martial arts and one of the most difficult to learn. However, although not everyone agrees, it is true that more and more people are considering it this way.

But what are the reasons for these opinions? There are several and very varied, which is why we want a professional in the field, in this case Gary Goltz, Sensei of eighth Dan, to explain it to us. Let's discover his reasons.

It's a grappling combat that becomes an art in itself.

Judo is a grappling martial art that is taken very seriously. In fact, in this art, many very complex details are added, so that knowledge of each grappling, each movement, and each technique can take us many hours of study before understanding its true meaning.

In other words, it takes many years of practice to develop the correct grappling, with enough strength and energy to also break the grappling of the opponent.

It's an art that goes against your intuition.

Sometimes it's difficult to learn judo because it's considered a complex martial art, sometimes judo goes against our own intuition. Compared to other modes of combat, one might think that additional movements are launched for nothing, without any real sense, which is why years can go by until it is perfectly perfected.

It's a complex martial art for the human body.

The human body plays a very important role in practicing judo. In fact, we are often thrown to the ground, which has an impact especially on the muscles and bones. Fingers can break and the skin of the hands can become harder and rougher due to years of wrestling with holds.

At the beginning, it can be difficult to feel progress.

As it is a very technical art, at the beginning, when starting to practice, it is difficult to feel progress, which can be discouraging and not very motivating.

The beginnings are difficult. In judo, even more so, precisely because the progress is slow, as it is difficult to memorize and internalize all the techniques until they are well executed.

A very high athletic level is required.

The athletic level required to practice judo is very high. And in addition to being physically difficult, it also requires optimal form in other areas, such as the cardiovascular system, speed and power, in order to perform its techniques and keys, and to maintain a high practice rhythm.

Judo can be very repetitive.
As we mentioned, there are many techniques, many holds, and very technical, in addition to being sometimes counter-natural and uninstinctive. This requires many repetitions until our body and mind have well learned to know the movements to improve the level of practice, which can sometimes make the routine practice.

Learning judo can be difficult, but that does not make it less interesting, and for many people, it is even a challenge, as there are many obstacles to overcome, but once overcome, they offer our mind a high level of satisfaction and security. So, if you're thinking of practicing this martial art, don't hesitate and take the first step. You won't regret it.

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