Keeping the correct sharpness of the Samurai sword is a basic need for all owners proud of the famous Katana, the renowned Japanese sabre. That said, nowadays we find two infallible methods, whether traditional or homemade, or with a commercial sharpener. We will discover them.

The artisanal sharpening of the Samurai sword

First, let’s see how to sharpen a Katana using a simple homemade procedure. Remember, while doing so, total concentration while working in ample space is imperative so that you carry out the process properly:


-          Cover the blade of the Samurai sabre with insulating tape of the type used for electricity, and leave only the edge, the part to be treated, uncovered.

-          With a whetstone secured to a clean and uncluttered table, make sure that the material is compact. Bring the Katana closer. Screw down the stone if necessary, but well secured.

-          Before beginning to apply the Japanese sword, wet the stone with some water.

-          Having done this, begin to rub the blade uniformly.

-          Having finished this process, clean the edge firstly with water sandpaper 240 and then 400.

-          Finally, remove the insulation tape and polish and oil the Samurai sword so that it is perfect.

Sharpening the Samurai blade with a commercial sharpener

If you don’t dare try the process specified above, you can try first with a penknife or knife so as not to damage the Samurai sword, or try with a commercial sharpener. In any event, make sure you buy one of high quality to avoid scratching the blade. If you want durable equipment that keeps the Katana in perfect condition, don’t risk bargains that destroy your precious oriental edge.

Picture courtesy of anieto2k.

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