How to sharpen your Samurai Sword

How to sharpen your Samurai Sword

If you are the proud owner of the infamous Japanese Katana, you know that keeping it sharp is a must. Nowadays there are two infallible methods of sharpening: the traditional or homemade way and the commercial way. Let’s find out more about both.

The Artisan Sharpening Method

First let’s consider sharpening the Katana the traditional way. You must, of course, ensure complete concentration and work in a large enough space in order to carry out the process as it should be done:

-        Cover the blade of the samurai sabre with electrical tape, leaving only the very edge exposed, as that is the part you will be treating

-        Make sure the workspace is clear and fix the sharpening stone to a clean table, screwing it in place if necessary

-        Moisten the stone with some water before sharpening

-        You can then begin rubbing the blade evenly over the sharpening stone

-        Once you have completed this step, clean the edge with water-based sandpaper. Start with number 240 and follow with number 400

-        Finally, remove the insulating tape and polish and oil the samurai sword so that it is perfect.

The Commercial Sharpening Method

If you don’t feel confident with the artisan method you can practice with a razor or knife before sharpening your Katana or alternatively, use the commercial method. Make sure you buy a top-quality sharpener to avoid scratching the blade. If you want durable equipment to maintain the quality of your Katana, don’t risk bargain products that might ultimately spoil your precious oriental blade.

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