6 benefits of judo

6 benefits of judo

Do you know the benefits of judo? Any martial art will bring a good number of advantages to your health, both physical and mental. In fact, on this same blog we have already talked about some of them, and that is why we want to continue our review.

To understand how important the benefits of judo are, we will focus on the data provided by a recent study carried out by researchers from the University of Central Florida in the United States, in which they talk about the advantages of practicing this Japanese martial art.

What are the benefits of judo?

Let's not delay any longer and delve fully into the benefits offered by practicing judo, both for the youngest members of the family and for the older ones, as its pursuit is recommended from a young age.  If judo is not your preferred option, it is recommended to try karate, aikido, etc.

Promoting social interaction

This is always the first of the benefits that is highlighted, both in judo and in any other martial art and that is because, as an art practiced in partnership, friendship and lasting relationships are inevitably formed.

Remember that martial arts reinforce empathy, assertiveness and discipline. All of this makes it possible, together with other practitioners, in this case other judokas, to expand the environment of companionship that is so beneficial to people, no matter what age they are.

Reinforcing mindfulness

Judo places special emphasis on concentration and promotes mindfulness, which are so necessary for memorizing techniques both mentally and physically.

Since judo involves improving memory through the learning of movements, and at the same time applies concentration while fighting or listening to the teachings of the masters, young people and adults maintain better mental and psychological health, greatly reinforcing mindfulness.

Development of balance

Balance is paramount when practicing Judo, since we will have to coordinate our body perfectly in order to properly perform both the techniques and the movements.

Improvement of strength

While judo is not all physical strength, as in many cases we will have to take advantage of our opponent's impulses to perform the techniques properly, it does require some energy, which gradually increases as we improve our abilities and developments.

Encouragement of coordination

As we have mentioned, martial arts not only increase strength. Given that it takes memory to learn numerous movements and various techniques, physical coordination will also have to be worked on quite a bit.

As they learn and improve, the student demonstrates that their body can be more agile, with better linked movements and much more balance and coordination.

Alternation of exercises

Judo is a practice that alternates exercises of various intensities, from high to low, which is excellent for keeping the body in perfect physical condition.

Remember these judo exercises always, and if you are not sure which martial art to choose, here you have a number of reasons to consider judo.  It is a magnificent option for releasing tension, finding the Way of the Budo and for enjoying a fuller life all the way from childhood to adulthood.

* Image courtesy of Samuel Castro via Unsplash

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