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We are proud to launch our "Custom Katana Express" product, both Katanas and Iaitos, made for you, devotees, collectors or people who are looking for a piece that is decorative and functional.


Katana Personalizada Custom Express Katanamart

We offer products made by craftspeople from all over Europe with more than 15 years experience in the sector of Koshiraes (ornate mountings). If in addition we include the quality steel of Yarinohanzo, we have an amazing result for our products.

All our Koshiraes are made of first class materials, the Tsukamakis we offer are all made of Hishigami and Kusune, using traditional tools and techniques, adding the symmetric beauty of the Shinsakutos or Nihontos, thus giving resistance and durability.

Sayas (Japanese sword scabbard) made with different types of lacquer finish, which few companies currently offer in the market, such as mother-of-pearl inlay, Rankaku-nuri finish (saya solidified with egg-shell mosaic) and naturally, being able to opt for the Onoki wood, traditional Japanese wood, giving a result worthy of a Nihonto or Shinsakuto.

With regard to our segment of blades, from the most basic to top quality, we offer a superb choice. The quality of steels we offer range from 1045 tempered, to a blade with the Soshu kitae method of forging, passing through intermediary stages such as 1060 tempered, 1060 folded, 1095 with differential tempering.

The combination of our craftsmanship and expertise means we can offer a product, befitting the most demanding collectors, the most exacting devotees.

Our delivery times depend on the options chosen, but we can say in all sureness that a standard assignment can be delivered in 2 weeks. ;-)




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