Tokugawa Katana | Katana blade in Shirasaya

Clay Tempered
Clay tempered blade with real Hamon


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Shogun Elite YariNoHanzo is the newly-designed product of the series

This sharp Katana is suitable for Battodo and Tameshigiri

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It is equipped with a high-quality Shirasaya, which can be disassembled by hand without the need to use any tool.

  • High-quality Shirasaya with blade, which can be completely disassembled by hand
  • Blade with Bohi forged with Orikaeshi Sanmai traditional method, made of 3 different layered steels, selective clay quenching and authentic Gunome Choji style Hamon.
  • Nakago with Suji Chigai style Yasurime
  • The blade has a very deep sound, which makes it perfect for Iaido Katas.
  • Perfectly balanced and perfect for training or to be exhibited


  • Handmade wooden box
  • Shirasaya blade
  • Katana Kake made of plexiglass
  • High-quality Katana Bukuro (bag) made in Italy

Data sheet
Nagasa :72.5 cm - 74.5 cm with Habaki
Hamon :"Gunome Chôji" real hamon
Sori :2 cm
Tsuka :26.5 cm
Bohi :Single
Saya :81.5 cm
Mekugi :Nr. 1 in bamboo
Weight :1.160 Gr. with Saya - 860 Gr. without Saya
Koiguchi :Real buffalo horn
Steel :1045+1060+1095 high carbon steel - Folded and clay tempered - Orikaeshi Sanmai Kitae