Clay Tempered
Clay tempered blade with real Hamon

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This elegant Koshirae recalls the autumnal colours, golden-brown hinerimaki ito, tied perfectly by an expert craftsman. Perfect symmetry and resistance thanks to the right hishigami and the friction of the Kusune on the Ito


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  • Black lacquered same that stands out the golden Ito and the maki
  • Fuchi and Kashira, with wave subject, are made of old-looking brass like the Kojiri in the saya
  • The menuki comes from the samurai Katabami clan
  • Tuba is made of copper with beautiful golden flowers 
  • Lacquered Ishime saya with Koiguchi and kurigata made of real buffalo horn engraved and polished by an expert craftsman. The Kojiri is made of old-looking brass with wave subject 
  • Hand-engraved Habaki 
Data sheet
Nagasa :73 cm with Habaki
Hamon :Style “Midare” - Real Hamon
Sori :1,8 cm
Tsuka :27 cm Tsukamaki Hinerimaki with hishigami and kusune
Tsuka Ito :Gold-Brown - Hinerimaki
Bohi :Single
Saya :Kuroro Ishike with metal Kojiri
Weight :984 gr without Saya- 1.264 gr with Saya
Habaki :Hand crafted Habaki
Fuchi/Kashira :Made of brass - Nami Style
Koiguchi :Made of brass - Nami Style
Steel :1060 high carbon steel - Clay tempered

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